Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Reviews of recent movies ....

Here is my review for some of the Bollywood movies that I saw; they are in no particular order.

Rang De Basanti - What can I say ? Its a brilliant movie. I loved everything about it. It has surely made it in my list of all time favourite movies. The end was sad and left me sobbing for hours. I will surely get a dvd copy to watch re-runs.

Bluffmaster - AB looks great. Songs are good. Cast is good. Story is bearable. I thought the end could have been taken better. Still, its a decent movie. Some scenes are actually funny. Ritish D has come a long way; he has done a great job too.

Zinda - Its a different story compared to the usual run-of-the mill Bollywood movies. It is inspired by a foreign movie. Sanjay Dutt has acted very well. The movie is taken well too; but it is not for the weak hearted - many scenes are very grouse to watch. It is hard to accept Lara Dutta as a taxi driver. John looks good. The justification in the end is hard to digest but I would still say its a good watch. Thankfully Celina Jaitely is shown only for 5 minutes. The story line is about a man who gets abducted and kept in a cell for 14 years; he is suddenly released and left to figure out the motive and the identity of his abductor. An interesting watch.

Iqbal - The story is about a deaf and dumb boy who loves to play cricket. Will he make it in the cricket world ? The story, direction and acting are superb. The cast is excellent. Its a must watch.

Deewana Huye Pagal - Here is a typical Bollywood style movie. It is inspired by ' There's something about Mary' with some typical Bollywood masala. I thought it would be extremely stupid but I was mistaken. The movie is quite watchable and some parts are very funny. Akshay Kumar has done a great job. The heroine is very average. The part played by Sunil Shetty is also funny ( his role). You can surely watch the movie. Have the remote ready to ff songs.

Shikar - They start out with a good idea; but end up mixing too many issues in the end. It leaves you confused. But still you can watch it (if you want to), its not a torture. There is nothing new and most of the scenes are predictable. Acting is average; Ajay Devgan looks weird and so do most of the cast.

Ek Ajnabee - There is no heroine in this; no item songs. Its a simple story - Big B is a bodyguard ( though he looks too old for this role). His job is to protect a little girl, who is very cute, unlike the usual annoying kids seen on screen. Her acting is very natural. Movie is quite decent to watch. Arjun Rampal looks great. He does a hip-hop number too; is this a growing trend ? The song is good though. There are not too many surprises in this. You can surely watch it. The guest appearance in the end is nice. There is a rap number in the end by Sanjay Dutt which is awful.

Jawani Deewani - I could NOT watch more than 5 minutes. Illogical. Only skin-show.


At 1:01 AM, Blogger Raghunandan said...

The original of ZINDA is a korean movie called "The old boy".. a very stylishly made movie which has been xeroxed to hindi keeping the style intact.


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