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This movie was released sometime in Aug this year and I had heard quite a bit about it because of the star attraction - Bips and Priyanka. If you want to read a review about the complete story, read it in rediff. My review is mostly about the logic or the lack of it in this movie.

I did not have high expectations about the movie as I had been forewarned. The movie begins with Arav (Bobby Deol) working off-campus (in a mechanic shop owned by a desi) in America ofcourse. They never mention which city; some shots seem very European. Anyway, Arav is a Genius is fixing cars ( I should ask him to check mine). He is advised to go and pray in a Gypsy temple ( huh ? ) and it looks more like a tribal hut where people seem possessed (hahahah). There is a big jar(like a halloween candy jar) filled with rolled parchments. He is just about to pick one when Anna (Bips) also pulls out the same fortune roll !! Duh! How did that happen ? The jar seemed small for two !! And looks she did not have the basic courtesy to wait for her turn. Anyway, their joint fortune is " today you will meet your destiny (in bed heheheh) ". Because her IQ is really low, Anna comes to the conclusion that Arav is her destiny. They have many chance encounters after that to justify her conclusion.

In his spare time , Arav likes to jog (looks more like jumping) and test-drive cars ( don't we all). So he goes to the Ferrari show room to test drive a car.( Now why din't I think of that ?) Anyway, they refuse and he is left to just see the interiors when he bumps into Anna again. She then offers to drop him ( fyi she is test-driving the Red Ferrari convertible cos she has contacts). So Arav the Genius, evaluates the aerodynamics ( he actually uses that word) of the car by sitting in the passenger seat. He forgets his laptop in the car.

When he gets to his work place (the garage), his boss tells him that he has an interview with BMW the next day. Huh ? Arav is perplexed as his designs are in his laptop and he has no way of contacting Anna. When he goes for the interview, the panel tells him that they already saw his designs and are very impressed. So, within 2 minutes he gets a job in BMW !! LOL ! Bips turns out to be his love-struck assistant (who had recommended him for the job). They fall in love (yawn). There are some boring songs. Did the reviews say Bips looks hot ? She looked weird and I think she has to do something about her squint.

So, the story drags on. Arav manages to impress the Chairman of BMW ( Shakti kapoor...). Can they actually make such claims ? Then comes the big day, Arav's design is launched ! Shakti kapoor's voice booms ' Ladies and Gentlemen; I present to you the designer of zed 4 ( what the hell ?) - Arav' . ROFL. He actually said Zed 4 ( and not zee 4). ROFL. He then starts talking in Hindi (no translaters seen). Then announces the engagement of his grand-daughter Anna (surprise) with Arav !! All this at a BMW car launch ! Hahaha...What imagination !!

Everything looks rosy; they sing and dance. Then, one day Arav gets a call from India and he has to leave immediately. Flash back : Some village and 2 kids eating mangoes ( how cute). Ofcourse one is Arav and the girl is Kajal (Priyanka Chopra). So, they are childhood buddies. Kajal's grandma is not well and so Arav's parents promise her that Kajal would be married to Arav. All this is when they are kids ( thats almost child-marriage, isn't it ? ).

So here comes amazing logic; Arav goes to a boarding school (after the promise)for 10 years and he never comes home in that time (wat ?). He finishes what we assume to be 12th std. Then he tells his friends that he has got his admission in US for ( and not MS). He has his visa ready and tickets for a flight in 48 hours! Wait a minute, how did he get admission for after finishing 12th std ? Who was sponsering him? His father does not even know about the plans; so who paid for everything ? I guess he is Genius and must have found a way.

(Lesser mortals like us had to do B.E, write GRE and then do MS. But here is another way for future aspiring students. We should ask the director about the method. I can open a consultancy in India for higher studies based on this method and get rich hehehehe. )

Anyway, Arav's parents force him to marry Kajal in those 48 hrs and he leaves on the night of the wedding. This was three years ago and he has never come to India till now. End of flashback. He meets his wife and asks her for a divorce on grounds that he does not love her. We are tortured with a lot of melodrama. Priyanka looks weird too. I wonder if the tape we saw had some inherent distortions. So finally Kajal signs the divorce papers; she moves out at once while the family members cry. She moves out by putting 4 clothes from a hanger into a suitcase ! Duh...! I need more things to even visit a friend in the same city for more than a day !!!

Arav decides to stay till Diwali; in the meantime he realises how good Kajal is. She has a cottage industry in her grandma's house which has a big turnover; so big that she wants a bank loan of 25 Million because she got a contract from someone in Europe (maybe Gucci heheh). She calls her business as ' A&K ' Industries. She tells Arav that A is a sleeping partner with whom she has never slept. ??? No prizes for guessing who 'A' is. Now Arav has a change of heart ( I think he was evaluating between owning a industry and a job in BMW). He and Kajal have a lot of steamy scenes in the rain when suddenly his cell phone rings ( I think it was a special water proof cell phone model). Its none other than Anna who tells him she was coming to India to get married to him.

To make a long story short, Anna comes to India and learns about Arav's first marriage; meets the understanding Kajal; they become friends (really?); songs; wedding; climax; more rain; then Arav realises who his love is; Anna realises the true words of the fortune from the Gypsy temple - don't ask me wat it was, by now I had slept. End of story.

Moral of the story : Its good to know the BMW chairman's grand daughter esp if they are stupid and gullible.

Where do you find such understanding women ? What did they see in a loser like Bobby Deol ? He looks so sad and bored throughout ! And wats the deal with rains ! Its always raining in the movie !! Maybe it was shot in Cheerapunji :-)

Should you watch the movie ?
Well...maybe only in FF mode..I would specially recommend the scene where " BMW Zed 4" is launched. ROFL !

"Barsaat.....a sublime love story "
Cast: Bobby Deol, Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu
Director: Suneel Darshan
Music Director : Nadeen-Shravan
Editor : Sanjay Sankla
Producer : Suneel Darshan


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At 4:13 PM, Blogger Archana said...

:-))! Yet another gem from our wonderful directors I see. BTW, I am dying to hear what Anna's true destiny was ;-)!

p.s. Do you know of any showroom where I can test drive a "zed 4" :-D??

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Shilpa said...


Anna's destiny...well...i don't want to spoil the suspense...but lets just say the 'bharatiya nari - patni' concept wins in the end :-)

Zed 4 .. hmm im not sure... will have to do a google search...or maybe we can ask the Chairman of BMW about it.

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Bharath said...

This is an awesome review. Good work shilpa!! I'm gona get you an unlimited supply of movies and let you do the reviews for each one of them. You can pick the language!!!

can you also add a little more "detailed" description about the Rain songs ;), Music, Camera angles, Senti Dialogues. i guess ROFL is not enough for me!!!!

i'm gona quit reading rediff reviews and move to this blog for reviews. Rediff Reviews are biased anyways, so why bother reading them.

PS : You need to watch "aashique banaya appne"...that'll make an awesome review.

At 12:33 PM, Blogger Shilpa said...

Hmm, I think saw that movie...I don't remember :-)

Hey Barry, my reviews are already too long; more info would make it harder to read. Plus I always FF the songs

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Bharath said...

Don't worry about the length of the review,we can accomodate the extra lines for the laughs. The more the description, more the laughs and it saves us the trouble of watching such useless Movies :)

At 11:50 AM, Blogger Archana Bahuguna said...

Shilpa: Your movie reviews are hilarious! I came to know about your blog after going to Archana's blog. Keep going!

At 9:57 PM, Blogger Vasanth said...

Hehehe..Shilpa.. you pick the craziest movies to watch... though as bharath said more description on rain song sequences would be appreciated.. though i dont care abt camera and lighting etc hehehe( ;o) )... some time back you wanted to know my dream car.. now i think i found it -- "ZED 4" .. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Shilpa said...

Thank you for all the encouragement :-)

Abt more description on songs, I already told u guys, I watch most of them in FF mode. So if you are really interested in it, you will have to watch the movie.

At 11:29 PM, Blogger Asha said...

gr8 job buddy!!! I love your reviews...had heared about barsaat...but never new it was so much junk... Thanks for the good laugh you gave.. :)

At 5:29 AM, Blogger Daddy's Girl said...

LOL Love the humour of your posts. 'The US' in the movie is actually South Africa - that's where those scenes were shot, and you get a great view of the Table Mountain as well.


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