Friday, November 11, 2005

Time Pass

The previews seemed very suggestive. My roomates and I had many shocks while watching this two days ago. The movie begins with the hero Vishal learning dance ( yeah right) from the heroine, Jenny. The pic shown here is from the so called dance session. You get the idea, right ? Vishal has his hands all over Jenny; while Jenny's mom watches on ! Huh...and all this is supposed to be present day Mumbai...morals have certainly changed in India.

Vishal and Jenny are supposed to be family friends. They are college students. They never show the college or mention what they are studying. Jenny is an aspiring model (that explains the scanty clothes). Vishal has a set of friends who seem like a bunch of losers (including him).

Then some unrest is shown in Mumbai; some religious riots taking place only at scattered locations. Vishal goes home safely and tip-toes to his room. Then he starts fantasizing about Jenny. Oh My God ! I thought it was an ad for Victoria's Secret's fall collection !! Jenny wears nothing literally. We were all shocked. What is the censor board doing ? The song was really crazy; the making-out scenes seemed too much for a Hindi Movie. End of dream sequence. Phew ! He is obsessed with her !

Then, the next day, Vishal goes to Jenny's house thinking she is alone. Jenny wears a short mini skirt and top with a plunging neck-line (at home) ! Since when did girls start dressing this way ? Anyway, they start watching TV and the director shows the heroine from all angles. Nothing is left to imagination. Vishal is just about to touch her; when Jenny's sister enters the room.

By then we figure out that the whole movie is about Vishal trying to sleep with Jenny. He cooks up a story about an ad-director and asks a friend (an uncle) to pose as the director. He takes Jenny to meet the director. What follows are their adventures for the rest of the night. Everyone they meet, has a buri nazar on Jenny. While she parades on in minimal clothes and tries to act coy and innocent ! They encounter many people that night while they run from one place to another (because of the riots). They are saved from the cops by a middle-aged lady. She asks them to stay over at her place for the night (how sweet). Then it turns out that the lady wants to sleep with Vishal ( what ? Give me a break). She actually tries to seduce him wearing what seemed like a bikini. Lord save us ! Vishal manages to escape and they run to his friend's house for help. He lets them sleep in his car. There is another steamy dream scene in a garage. At the end of the movie, they realize that they are in love. Huh ! ? !

That's it !

The whole movie is a complete waste of time. It seems as if everyone is obsessed with women and making out. The heroine is a bimbo as usual. She just flaunts her body and cannot talk. Her nasal ( I think she thought she was being cute/sexy) tone is very irritating. The hero looks like a boy next door. The rest of the cast are equally stupid. Movie leaves you with a headache.

Why do they make such movies and torture us ?

Time Pass - A lust story [ that's what the promos say]

Director:Chander Mishra
Producer:Anil Sharma
Cast: Arjun Punj, Mona Chopra, Himani Shivpuri, Adi Irani
Music: Sunil Jha
Lyrics: Sunil Jha


At 10:09 PM, Blogger Archana said...

Hey, you were right - the promo pictures would have been right at home in a sleaze magazine! I pity poor you for having had to pass time watching this terrible timepass!

At 11:14 AM, Blogger Shilpa said...


Yeah it was awful...on the brighter side...I din't watch it the theater


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