Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Neal N Nikki

If looks could kill, the lead pair in this movie can surely do it. I am sure, anyone who managed to survive this movie would agree with me in saying that Uday Chopra and Tanisha are the industry's worst looking lead pair. The movie could have been an average hit but for the lead pair who surely make this a living horror.

A quick summary; Uday Chopra aka Neal is every girl's dream. ROFL. Or so they keep reminding us in the movie. He agrees for an arranged marriage with a girl called Sweetie from Bhatinda. FYI he is an ABCD who has never been to India. He is a Canadian. Anyway, Neal gets permission from his dad to go and live his life in the big city for a month. Deja Vu. Isn't this dialogue used by girls ? Reminds me of DDLJ. Anyway, getting back to story, Neal goes to Vancouver. Its a beautiful city. His only objective is meeting women and getting some " action" [ he actually uses that line in the movie].

And since Neal is so hot and cool; women trip over each other to be with him. ROFL. The women range from swimsuit models to runaway brides (and also a Whale loving girl- watch the movie to see wat I mean). In the meantime, he bumps into a hardly dressed Nikki. I think the director thought showing a LOT of skin would distract people from looking at her face. Her hair style is also awful. The less said about her clothes the better. Turns out, Nikki is on a rebound and wants to take revenge on her ex-bf ( who's a underwear model). So she cons Neal into helping her. They drive around Canada in Nikki's beetle. There is also a big discussion about Nikki's virginity. Like we care ! ? Anyway, they succeed in making her ex jealous. After all the drama, the two realize that they love each other. Yawn. They finally get some action. Wink. Wink.

The scene next morning was hilarious. They are sleeping outside a tent in a sleeping bag. The place is absolutely gorgeous. But, why would they sleep outside after taking the trouble of putting up a tent ? Anyway, the morning after; Neal gives Nikki the impression that she was just another girl. So she is annoyed. I should also mention that in this morning scene, Neal seems to have more lipstick than Nikki. Next thing we know, Neal is making coffee for Nikki while she goes for a swim. Hmmm I should mention a scene where she comes out of the water in a bikini. My roommates and I found it hilarious. Anyway they part after that.

Then turns out Sweetie is Nikki's cousin. There is more drama. Blah Blah. In the end, Neal finally proposes to Nikki and everyone is happy (so are we because the movie is finally over).

Further comments about the movie: Nikki's ex-bf is French speaking desi; very ugly ofcourse and he has a firang gf who hits on Neal ofcourse. Every girl in the movie makes a pass at Neal.
The things money can do....

Nikki aka Tanisha 's acting is awful. She tries to imitate her sister Kajol and falls flat. Neal aka Uday does not even bother to act. This movie seems like a desi version of American Pie.
Both cannot dance too. The first song Halle Re ( not sure if thats the name) has some really funny dance steps. And was she giving him a lap dance? Hmmmm

Good points : the songs are good, the location is beautiful.

Should u watch the movie ?

Yes ! I would highly recommend if you have company ( watching alone can be traumatic). You can have a good laugh. And would feel extremely good and beautiful after watching the lead pair.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Archana said...

ROFL - okie, now I know which movie to watch at the next friends' gathering :-D! I already feel beautiful after seeing the one pic that u have put up :-))!

At 1:12 PM, Blogger Deepa said...

Can't wait to watch this one... thanks:)

At 5:17 AM, Blogger Daddy's said...

LOL at your last line!! Great review.


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